What We Do

F & S Lumber is a family owned and operated sawmill and pallet factory serving North Central Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.  Since 1945, we have provided top quality lumber.  Our demand for excellence is met by highly skilled employees familiar with advanced technologies.  F & S Lumber provides rough cut lumber in both soft and hard woods as well as specialty pallets and crates, and lumber by-products to various industries.

Industries we service:  The railroad, private contractors, airplane engine manufacturing, aluminum, steel, natural gas, etc.
We have two locations in Linden,  just outside of Williamsport. Our Pallet shop is located on Highway 220 across from the Woodward township building and our sawmill is on Northway Road across the highway from Lewis Veterinary Clinic. 
Contact by phone : The mill for rough cut lumber 322-7662 or the Pallet shop for pallets, crates or firewood 323-2982

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